New Clause 110 of the EU Notification of Withdrawal Bill

Following the update I posted on my website last Friday, I wanted to provide local residents with an explanation as to why I voted against the Government on Tuesday night, supporting New Clause 110 of the EU Notification of Withdrawal Bill.

I have been consistent that, while I campaigned for us to remain a member of the EU, I am a democrat and I respect the outcome of the Referendum on 23 June. That is why I voted to trigger Article 50 during the Bill’s second reading last week and at its third reading last night. However, I believe Parliament must have proper involvement in this process, as well as a say on what the final deal with the EU looks like.

From the correspondence I have received - including in an open letter that was sent to me from Independent MEP Janice Atkinson - there seems to be have been some confusion about what the purpose of this amendment was. My response to Ms Atkinson, which is attached below, sets out my thoughts in further detail.

You can read my intervention during Tuesday’s debate through the following link:


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